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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ryan Gass. I love Jesus, my family, and serving in ministry. I am an assistant pastor at Coastline Baptist Church with my awesome pastor and friend Steve Chappell.

Like most people in ministry, I wear a lot of hats but the ones I like wearing the best deal with the “creative” aspects of ministry including, graphics, service planning and small group life.

Why another blog? Don’t worry, this is not the place to find “10 steps to make you this” or “5 reasons to do that.” Believe me those have their place and I learn from them. My hope is that I can bestow to readers what little wisdom God has given me and practical experience in areas of ministry, mainly in the creative process. I trust that you can visit this blog occasionally and get some inspiration. From graphics to a new song or service flow, I hope that this might alleviate some headaches that I have had in search of ideas.

In short…I trust that this site will serve you.